Alumni Reunions

Reunion of SRM Alumni working in CTS, 01st March 2008

1989-1993 Batch SRMEC AlumniReunion, 15th August 2008

Chennai Chapter Reunion, 19th July 2009

Silver Jubilee Alumni Reunion, 06th June 2010 (For details of the awardees, click here)

1991-1994 Batch SRMEC Alumni Reunion, 28th July 2012

20th year of SRMEC Alumni Reunion (1989-93), 27th Oct 2013

1991-1995 Batch SRMEC Alumni Reunion, 08th March 2014

Department Alumni reunion

MBA Alumni Reunion, 01st March 2009

Biomedical Engineering First Alumni Meet, 27th Dec 2013

Bio-Informatics Engineering Alumni Reunion, 12th April 2014

Information Technology Alumni Reunion,26th July 2014


Survey of all alumni for curricula and other feedback

Ongoing data collection of alumni in industry and entrepreneurs

Contacting alumni for recruitment of outgoing students

Donate new/old books to SRM Library


Webinars presented by alumni to be hosted on the website

Technical and general articles by alumni

Increase interaction of alumni with current student batches

Alumni contributions