Contribution to University


Besides a degree from SRMU, it is our shared memories and stake in this place we call 'our alma mater'. "Giving back to your alma mater and other causes that benefit the SRMU community is as important as anything else". Each and every member's active cooperation & support to the Alumni Association in any form will go a long way in making this Association an effective platform for interaction and also contribute towards the alma mater and the nation at large.

SRM Alumni are well placed in the leading Institutions and Industries across the Globe. Some of them hold key decision making positions in the Corporate Sectors.

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Guest Lectures

✤    Mr. Annadurai, 1989-Mech
Principal Optical Coating Engineer, Qioptic Pvt. Ltd., Singapore
✤    Mr. V.G. Balachander, 1989-Mech
Director, Tarsan International Pvt. Ltd., Singapore
✤    Mr. Srivatsan, 1997- CSE
Ph.D. Candidate at Louisiana State University, USA
✤    Mr. T.V. Rajkumar, 1997-CSE
Professor in Marketing, Darden School of Management, Chennai
✤    Ms. Sushma Chandrasakaran, 1996-ECE
Senior Application Consultant, Synopsys, US
✤    Mr. Sundar Kannabiran, 1989-Mech
Engineering Manager, Siemens Medical Solutions, USA
✤    Mr. V. Damodaran, 1989-CSE
CEO, SQL Data Corporation, USA
✤    Mr. Ganesh Raghu, 1994-CSE
Senior Manager, Cisco Systems Inc., USA
✤    Mr. Satish Kumar, 1989-Civil
CEO, Indian Land Americorp Group, Chennai
✤    Mr. KRS. Narayan, 1991-Civil
GM - Business Development, Reliance Industries Ltd., Chennai
✤    Mr. Maheshwaran, 1993-Mech
Director, VMW Parking and Containers System Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
✤    Mr. Suraj Venkataraman, 1996-ECE
Director, Aricent Technologies, Chennai
✤    Mr. Ramesh, 1990-Civil
Construction Manager, Larsen Toubro Limited, Chennai
✤    Mr. Sundara Raman, 1990-Civil
Principal Consultant, Mphasis Limited, Chennai
✤    Ms. Sumithra Jagannath, 1990-CSE
Owner, Closerlook Search Services Inc., Chennai
✤    Mr. Dinesh Gangadharan, 1991-Civil
Vice President, IL&FS Clusters, Chennai
✤    Ms. Revathy, 1991-Civil
Assistant Executive Engineer, PWD, Chennai
✤    Mr. Raviraj Natarajan, 1991-Mech
President, Universal Insurance Solutions, USA
✤    Mr. T.G. Sekar, 1991-Civil
Deputy General Manager, L&T, Chennai
✤    Ms. Kamala Kamath, 1990-CSE
Senior System Consultant, Union Bank, USA
✤    Mr. Bharanidharan Ravishankar, 1996-ECE
Director, Unisys Global Services India, Bengaluru
✤    Mr. R. Arun Karthik, 2012-CSE
HR, School of Business Management, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, NMIMS, Mumbai

Donation of Books

✤     Mr. V.R. Satish Kumar, 1989-Civil
CEO, India Bulls (One India Bulls Park), Chennai
✤     Mr. Jayachandran S, 1989-Mech
Major Accounts Manager, Caterpillar Inc, Bangalore
✤     Mr. Dinesh Gangadharan, 1991-Civil
Vice President, IL&FS Clusters, Chennai
✤     Mr. R. Manoharan, US, 1991-CSE
✤     Dr. Deeptha Thattai, 1993-Civil
Assistant Professor, SRM University, Kattankulathur
✤     Ms. Vanitha S, USA, 1993-CSE
✤     Ms. Thanuja M, 1998-CSE
Origami Artist, Self Employed
✤     Mr. Abhishek Singh, 2009-ICE
✤     Mr. Deepak S Hiremath, M.Tech. (Genetic)-2012
✤     Mr. S. Harish Balaji, 2013-MCA
Asst. System Engineer Trainee, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai
✤     Mr. Anand Kumar, 2003-Chem
Assistant Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland
✤     Mr. Sundareswaran (Father of present Student)
✤     Mr. Seetharaman, Well-wisher from Chennai
✤     Mr. K.V. Ramana, Well-wisher from SR Group, Chennai
✤     Mr. G.D. Udaya Kumar, Chennai, 1993-Mech
✤     Mrs. Narayani Ravikumar, Well-wisher from Chennai

Internships / Placements

✤     Mr. Jacob Mathew Liju, MBA-2001
Managing Partner, Global Professional Services, Chennai
✤     Mr. Vishnu Varden (a) Vishal, 2001-EEE
Managing Director, Gene-Tech Engineers / Biomedicals, Chennai
✤     Mr. G. Jayachandran, MBA-2003
Bharati Airtel, Chennai
✤     Mr. M. Jayadev, 2004-Mech
Director, Clockwork Interviews Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
✤     Mr. Rufus Pradeep, 2005-Mech
Senior Sales Manager, Uniphore Software Systems, Chennai
✤     Mr. Balaji Shankarshanan, M.Tech. (VLSI)-2005
IBM, Chennai
✤     Mr. Bharanidharan Ravishankar, 1996-ECE
Director, Unisys Global Services, Chennai

Jobs for Alumni

✤     Mr. T. Anand, 1995-Mech
Senior Manager, Vestas, Chennai
✤     Mr. Abhishek Malewar, 2000-CSE
Director, Vitti, Chennai
✤     Mr. Thirupathi, 2004-Mech
Manager, Whirlpool, Pune
✤     Mr. Dhananjay Gupta, 2009-TCE
Senior Data Analyst, Genesys, Chennai
✤     Mr. Vinay Poddar, 2009-CSE
Head - Operations, East India Securities Ltd., Singapore
✤     Ms. Harini Lekshmi, 2009-MBA
Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore
✤     Mr. Vaibhav Agnihotri, 2010-ECE
Senior Quality Analyst, Wells Fargo, Bangalore
✤     Mr. Vivek Singh, 2011-CSE
Senior Developer, Success Factors, Bangalore
✤     Mr. B. Balaji Praveen Kumar, 2004-MBA
Associate Vice President, Citi Bank, Chennai
✤     Mr. Venkatesan Thiyagarajan, 2000-CSE
Senior Engineer, Sling Media Pvt Ltd, Chennai
✤     Mr. Anshul Srivastava, 2011-Mech
Technical Engineer, Sunpower-Gen, Dubai
✤     Mr. Ambesh Bharadwaj, 2010, TCE
IBM India, Bangalore

Educational Scholarship

✤    Well-wisher from 1993, Civil batch